Motorway Tuition

All About Motorway Tuition

Our Motorway tuition is designed for the new driver who has just passed their test to gain experience and acquire the necessary skills to drive on motorways. A motorway can be a hostile and frightening environment if you have just passed your test. The DSA recommends that we inform all drivers who have just passed their test that motorway tuition is available from us. We can't stress enough how important the Motorway course is. We are not allowed to take you on a motorway until you have passed your practical driving test, so you will not get any experience of motorway driving until you obtain your full driving licence Lessons are 2 hours and consist of the following elements: Journey planning Joining and leaving motorways. Speed awareness. Effective observation. Signs, signals and markings. Lane discipline. Overtaking. Using care, courtesy and consideration Fatigue and how to deal with it. What to do if you breakdown. How to handle hazards. How to handle roadworks Dealing with link roads and slip roads