Bolton Lessons

Bolton And Bury Driving Test Centers

I specialise in professional driving tuition around the Bolton area. I mainly use Bolton test centre but also use the test centre at Bury. A new addition for us is the test center at Atherton too. There are many routes which we will practice during your lessons, you will then be familiar with the road and junction layouts, the speed limits, bus lanes and unmarked crossroads that catch many people out.

Driving Tests Dos and don'ts

The written test is a gimme. The only pressure is what an individual places on themself. They either know the material or don't. The actual driving test is different. The tester must make sure that this person is competent. After all, once they are on their own, they are not only taking their own life in their hands but others as well. The term "Defensive Driving" has changed. Now the thought is what can I get by with that is legal? If every driver would really work at driving defensively, accidents could really be cut back. Getting back to the driving test.